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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy and healthy

I have been linked on "Top 50+ Blogs to Make You Healthier (And Happier)" at

I think you might enjoy some of the other links there.

Certainly health and happiness are symbiotically linked. Obviously it is easier to be happy when we are healthy but studies have shown that happiness actually promotes health. It gets even better. Even a mirthless smile will make you feel better. Try it. Laughing out loud, so scientists say, actually kills germs.

In my book How to Improve Your Life and Save the World I reveal that having attained a measure of fame and fortune, I came to the realization that they were not goals that worked for me. I decided I should be pursuing happiness as directly as possible so I started investigating what made me happy and what made me unhappy. Tuning in the news daily was not making me happy so I stopped. That was simple. Getting angry at bad drivers I encountered made me very unhappy. It took awhile but I eventually learned to accept them rather than trying to fix them.

Learning acceptance (an ongoing job) has brought me much happiness and its sidekick, health.

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Scott Supak said...

"...studies have shown that happiness actually promotes health..."

Also lots of studies prove the opposite.