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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

natural herbicide

Hi Mort,

I came across your website and I see you are an expert on organic gardening, so I'd love to get your opinion on something. Several months ago, I tried pouring very small amounts of used cooking oil into the cracks of my walkway where weeds tend to spring up. It has completely killed the weeds (they turned black and died) and kept them away for months now.

My question - is this practice safe for the environment? I'd appreciate your opinion, and if you like the idea, you are very welcome to pass it along!

Hi Debi,
I would certainly prefer your method to a Monsanto product. Seriously, I really don't see any environmental problem. There are some ants that might be attracted to the oil so that could be a problem for you but, again, not for the bigger environment. I have not heard of anyone doing this before. Vinegar is also a fairly good herbicide.