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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Glenn Beck might scare me

Global warming started concerning me before Reagan became president. I remember because he appointed a study group which I cynically thought was just to shut up those of us who were concerned. The group came back with a report much sooner than expected saying it was a serious problem and that action should be taken. I thought this was great news and that surely something would start happening. That was nearly 30 years ago. Incredible!
Back then I thought this was a problem we should be working on for future generations but that climate change would be slow and I would not see any dramatic difference in my lifetime. How wrong I was. Changes in weather patterns around the world and changes in insect populations in my garden are already dramatic. That I would see such change in my lifetime (and I’m likely to live another 20 years or so) was scary. I was thinking recently that it will be even scarier when the warming deniers like Glenn Beck and others on Fox acknowledge the problem. Yeah, that will really be scary. It will also be annoying because I’m sure they will not say, “Gosh, I guess global warming is a real thing. I’m sorry I misled people for all those years when, if I had recognized the problem earlier, I might have been able to help get the people behind making positive changes to reverse the trend.” Much more likely they will blame government for getting us into this mess and, of course, they will be right but I’ve got to believe that the Republicans in congress who are holding up any progress would change their tune if the don’t-confuse-me-with-facts media opened their ears to what they call the “liberal media”.