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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Are Maine Voters Crazy?

My friend from Ohio wrote: What’s with the recent election … Ron Paul?  Can he even find Maine on a map? Considering the mild winter, the good folks of the north woods can’t even claim brain freeze. They’ll have to go some to match Minnesota … Wrestler for Governor and gag writer of US Senator … However, this is a good start. So, what gives?

Dear Old Right-wing Nut Friend:
I gather you support Mitt which is fine; I think he has the potential to be a reasonably good president. But if not Mitt, who was your “anybody-but-Mitt” front runner—Gingrich, Santorum?
All things considered I think the good Republicans of Maine (you do realize you are questioning Republican voters?) made a fine choice. It was unfortunate that the Republican establishment apparently, to the Paul supporters who followed it all very closely, pulled some fast ones on the vote count of the local caucuses. The Paul supporters, those I know at least, are very dedicated. When I talk with them they sound a lot like you. They certainly pulled a good surprise on the establishment folks at the state convention.
I’m rather proud of Maine’s voting record in the 40 years I’ve been here. Senators Cohen and Mitchell were two of the best Washington has ever seen and Senator Muskie… well you probably don’t like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act so I guess you think we Mainers were brain dead giving him 4 terms in the Senate. Of course his tears did knock him out of running for President. I guess it’s a darn good thing Republicans are allowed to cry otherwise your Rep Boehner might have to go back to the family bar.
Our current governor, however, is reason to question our voting acumen but he got less than 40% of the vote.
I’m proud of our two current Senators, both Republicans. Unfortunately Olympia couldn’t stand the partisanship and who could blame her after working on health care reform for months only to be told by Republican leadership to lay off and then having Boehner say repeatedly that Republicans were left out of the debate. The good news is that Independent Angus King is running for her seat and I’m sure he will win. He was one of two Independent governors we have had and was the best governor of all in the past 40 years. He has a great sense of humor and a great record. He is a friend and I love him.
In a way I wish I lived in Ohio so I could join you in your throw-the-bums-out voting pledge but our congressional delegation is really quite good.


Scott Supak said...

I just don't understand liberals who say Willard Rmoney might make a good president. Just take a look at the people he's surrounded himself with:

His economic and foreign policy advisers are a who's who of Dick Cheney's torture regime. And his economic advisers would take us back to Bush policies on steroids.

More tax cuts for the rich. More defense spending. More war. Backwards on civil rights. It's another disaster in the making, and anyone who thinks Willard would be a good president really needs to do some research on what Willard has said he would do, and what his advisers have already done.

Mort said...

1-I was speaking comparatively and to a right-wing nut.
2-I am always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt.
3-I am an old fashioned conservative which just happens to put me way left of the current Republican party.

WiseFather said...

Being an independent vote that could swing the Senate majority puts Angus King in a powerful position. In a recent post, I argue how he can and should leverage this for the good of the republic. How a King Can Save American Democracy: Whether he has the guts to do so is a lingering question.

Scott Supak said...

Well, thanks for clarifying. I was beginning to worry!

Meanwhile, Gay Marriage! Yay!