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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Time to plant

The snow is up to the windows but I've already had my hands in soil. I started three varieties of leeks; King Richard for summer, Pandora for late summer and Bandit for fall and wintering over. I have also planted parsley and scallions. I figured out a great way to grow scallions. I plant one to two dozen seeds in each compartment of a 6-cell flat, put the flat in a plastic bag to keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate and then just let them grow in the flat for about 8 weeks when I transplant the cells to the garden. I don't separate the individual plants just plop the whole cell in the ground. For the restaurant I do this about every three of four weeks and when they want a bunch of scallions I just pull a whole bunch, wash them, cut off some of the root and put a rubber band around them. It amazes me how many years it took me to become this clever.


Scott Supak said...

You put these in a window with a lot of sun, I take it?

Mort said...

Light is definitely needed and a sunny window is OK but growth is likely to be slowed by the temperature. Air chilled by the window slides down and over the window sill so it would be improved by finding a way to get the flat higher on the window. A few years ago I took an old florescent light fixture I had and rigged up a grow light which I put on a timer.