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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Putting baby plants outside

Mort, I have a couple hundred parsley plants now, and twice that in green onions! They're all over the house, near any window with sun, with some LED grow lights on them. But it's been warm enough a couple of days to take them out in the sun for the day.
How cold is too cold outside for the baby plants?

Those babies can handle anything above 30 degrees (actually a little colder than that). What they won't like is too much direct sunlight with those ultra violet light that the glass stops. Put them out for three or so hours the first day and increase the time an hour or two as they get used to the UV rays. Think of yourself spending too much time in the sun before you have a good tan.
That's a lot of parsley; for the restaurant, I assume.

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Scott Supak said...

Robin goes through tons of parsley, just here at home. But yes, hopefully I'll have enough to help with