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Friday, February 12, 2016

A Stone's Throw, Orvie's Stories

A Stone's Throw, Orvie's Stories by Mort Mather
There are several Orvie stories on the blog. The following is a brief synopsis. More information is available on

A Stone’s Throw is a wonderful collection of stories, told by Orvie, a boy growing up on a small farm in the 1940s. His world is a swirl of adventures—forts, animals, school, girls, chores, and family struggles. Through witty dialogue and rich descriptions, you are invited to enjoy 1940s America through the eyes of this imaginative and curious boy.

“Mort Mather has captured the feel, the sounds and smells of rural life in the 40's”—U.S. Congresswoman Chellie Pingree
“Mort's writing is every bit as wonderful as the food in his splendid restaurant.”—J. Courtney Sullivan, author of the New York Times best­selling novels Commencement, Maine, and The Engagements

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